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Thanksgiving and Black Friday are now behind us. There are 29 days until Christmas is here. How do we decide what is important and what is not as this holy day approaches? What message will our children read between the lines as they watch us get ready for this special day – this is where they will get their clues about what is truly important to you.

If our total focus is on gift buying, festive parties, and extravagent decorations, our children will believe that is what is important about Christmas. But if we maintain a focus on the message of the Christ Child, day by day, this likewise will not escape our children’s notice.

Advent calendars can be a great tool for families to use to provide a daily focus on the true meaning of Christmas. There are a variety of advent calendars available, but choose carefully. Some are based on Scriptures about Jesus’ birth, while others will focus more on counting the days to Santa’s arrival.

Since I live in the “boonies” and don’t get to the city often, I’m not in a position to review what is available in stores. However, the Internet offers a variety of ways to look for suitable materials for advent. I have been saving ideas to my Pinterest bulletin board over the past couple of months. Here are a few of my finds:

Advent Calendar: Teach the True Story of Christmas (Tutorial)

Free downloadable Bible verse advent cards

Several Christmas traditions including a 25-day Scripture chain

Felt advent calendar with Nativity Scene – order or make your own

My Pinterest bulletin board: “The First Christmas” with many more ideas for keeping Christ in Christmas…

Perhaps you have other ideas you can share that help families keep their focus on Christ through the days of advent. If so please add them in the comments below…

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