Are you watching?

IMG_3191 eclipse 4-15-14Are you looking at the sky this morning during the wee hours? It is 2:20 a.m. in SC and my husband and I are hoping to see the moon turn to blood.

I don’t have much to say yet, but I’m going to go ahead and put this post up hoping I might catch someone in time to remind them to look. I hope my camera will let me catch a half way decent picture of it as well.

The earth will pass a shadow on the moon, but it won’t make it turn black. Instead, it should turn it to a reddish color as the sunlight bends through the earth’s atmosphere before lighting the moon.

Happy watching if you are still up. I will update this post (I hope) if I can get some good pictures.

2:35 so many clouds and few peeks at the moon… Only part of the moon appears bright and the rest is darkened. Maybe when it is all darkened it will look more read.

It sprinkled rain a little bit ago. Now it stopped and I’m hoping and praying for a break in the clouds.

3:45 I’m back inside now. I was able to see it, but I don’t think my pictures will be any good. I’ll try to post one, even if it’s pretty bad. There was too much haze in the sky for me to see it clearly even through my binoculars.

The picture at the top was taken earlier as the eclipse was starting. The dark side of the moon is in the shadow of the earth. This final picture is all I could get out of the blood moon. The moon wasn’t bright enough to shine through the hazy sky between the clouds so my camera could get a decent picture.

IMG_3200 blood moon 4-15-14


Aiming for same goals but through new sights

In the hope of becoming more focused on my writing, I am putting a hold on my self-publishing. This will allow me to let go of some of the many hats I’ve had to wear, and let me concentrate on writing more and better manuscripts which I intend to submit to traditional publishers. I anticipate having to wade through rejection slips and letters, but hope in the long run it will pay off with more and better books.

I went to a writing workshop at the Highlights Foundation in Honesdale, Pennsylvania two weeks ago, and it increased my determination to go this route. In addition, it has given me many “tools” to help me along so that I might become a more professional writer.

I will probably blog less on Honeycomb Adventures, though something may inspire me to write more from time to time. The original purpose of this blog was to build platform and to market my books. It may again serve that purpose, but I’m hopeful it will be for traditionally published books.

Free e-books during “Read an e-Book Week”

Creation eB First Christmas eBMarch 2-8 is “Read an e-Book Week,” and the month of March is “National Reading Month” as well as “Small Press Month.” So I thought I would spread the joy by offering my ebooks for free this week.

I’m a little late getting the announcement made because I had problem upon problem getting my book, The Creation, to upload correctly. The online site I used continually rejected the pictures I was uploading. I tried one thing after another to resolve the problems while the days passed. Sixteen uploads later, I finally got the book file in place with pictures. I had to forget about using the picture files in my computer, and scan them from a copy of my book to get files they could use.

So please CELEBRATE with me… I now have eBooks! :)

Before I knew this was “Read an e-Book Week” I had announced that the books would be free for a week, but the week ended last Wednesday. At that time I decided to keep them free until Sunday. But because the book, The Creation wasn’t truly ready until today, it will continue to be free for another week.

Feel free to let your friends know about this freebie – especially young moms and grandparents of young children. I really want children to get excited about learning about the Bible. Click on the books or click here to go to the page where they can be downloaded.

You might notice the split on my reviews for The Creation. The 5-star review came from someone who believes in the Genesis account of creation while the 1-star review came from an evolutionist eager to throw insults. I feel both reviews are blessings from God.

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