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Bible Story Books

Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC publishes books that promote Bible literacy for the whole family. These books tell the Bible accounts in child-friendly language and include as much information as a naturally curious child can understand. They are designed to be read to children, though they are easy enough for an 8-10 year old to read for themselves. Engaging discussion questions encourage dialog and understanding. Additional information is included for parents to share with older children when they are ready for it. Family quilting activities are also included.

Honeycomb Writers Press

Honeycomb Writers Press rescued a treasure, Sowing Seeds: Writing for the Christian Children’s Market, from going out of print by republishing it in 2015. Sowing Seeds, by Kathleen Muldoon, is an indispensable handbook of information to guide writers to publication in the Christian children’s market. The author shares insights from her twenty-five years of experience as a multi-published author and writing instructor. Kathleen covers every aspect of writing from setting up your writing space, to getting to know your audience as well as the Christian children’s market in its many mediums and genres, and getting your manuscripts into the hands of receptive publishers. It has earned high praises from notable authors such as Sally E. Stuart, Kristi Holl, Crystal Bowman, Nancy I. Sanders and many more.

Bible Quilts

Janice D. Green, author and owner of Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC, has a vision for using Bible quilts as a catalyst to encourage family discussions about the Bible and family devotions. Her vision includes using hand appliqued quilt blocks to illustrate her Bible quilts. But more than that, she seeks to find ways that families can create their own Bible quilts with many stories represented on them. Through a sister blog, Bible Quilts, Janice has written several posts giving ideas for ways to create them. Coloring pages for making Bible quilts are also available for download. Check out the Bible Quilts blog at www.biblequilts.com.


There are many scripture verses in the Bible that refer to honey, including the sweetest honey that comes directly from the comb. The Promised Land was known as a land flowing with milk and honey. And several verses compare the words or commands of the Scriptures to honey from the comb. This is my rough paraphrase of Psalm 19:10 . . .

God’s Word is sweeter than honey from the comb.

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