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The Days of Creation – for VBS

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” There is little variance if any between the different Bible translations on the first sentence in the book of Genesis. God’s creation marks the beginning of time and existence. What did God create and how? Scientists and theologians carry on an endless passionate debate over matters that cannot be verified by direct human observation. I don’t claim extensive knowledge in science, but I do have a deep seated love for

Our Awesome God – A VBS Theme

A VBS Theme What a dynamic theme to develop in a VBS program. We can feature the days of creation and share with the children out of an unlimited supply of examples of his amazing creation. I have been collecting ideas for a VBS and posting them to my Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC blog over the past couple of years. While there is still room for improvement, there is a wealth of ideas on the blog to jump-start a VBS planning committee

Making a Creation Quilt from Coloring Pages

A Youth Activity Make your own Creation Quilt using these coloring pages Most children enjoy coloring. They can color the days of creation on fabric and make quilts that can be used on their beds, as lap quilts, or as wall hangings. A youth group could work together to color a wall hanging for the church nursery or a Sunday school classroom. To make the quilt blocks for a creation quilt you will need… coloring pages which can be ordered by clicking

Created in God’s Image

Why should I bother teaching my children about creation? If I do, won’t I risk subjecting them to ridicule by their teachers and peers? Sadly, too many Christian parents use this rational to bypass teaching this very important lesson to their children. But what else is as stake when we pass over the first passage in the Bible? First, we reduce the credibility of the Scriptures in your children’s eyes. When the very first passages are discarded, we

Basic Science in Genesis

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth Moms, Dads, teachers… think quick… What was the first thing God created? If you said light or the sun, you might want to return to Genesis 1 and start reading again. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The text goes on to describe it as formless and void, but he had already created waters to hover over before he created light. So maybe I got you on that