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Baby chicks grow fast!

    Keelana and Ducker are watching the chicks play in the sunshine.   The baby chicks are growing fast. They are growing fuller and longer wing feathers and their tails are becoming more prominent. This chick is two weeks old today. You can begin to see the chicks’ combs growing just above and on their upper beaks. They love it when we bring them outdoors. Today we made a bigger pen for them. They loved to fly from one side to the

Racing day at Indy 500

I'm not very big in this picture. Miss Megan's son is standing on the street below the gate holding me up. A Ducker’s Adventures story On the day of the big race I got to celebrate with Miss Megan’s family. I helped park cars in the front and back yard. Then I listened to Jim Nabors sing “Back Home Again in Indiana,” (That’s one of Mrs. Green’s favorite songs too.) I heard the roar as the cars fired their engines, and I

Indianapolis Speedway Parade with Ducker

Wow! This parade is fantastic. Look at that car. Wish I could ride in it. Wouldn't that be fun! A Ducker’s Adventures story Mrs. Green put me in a flat box and mailed me to her friend Miss Megan in Indianapolis, Indiana so I could enjoy the Indianapolis 500 events that happen every May. It was a dark and scary ride through the mail, but it was worth it. My new friend let me be a

Baby Bluebirds on Easter Sunday

A Ducker’s Adventures story After church today we peeked in the bluebird house. Here is me peeking in the hole but I couldn’t see much that way. I tried to peek in the hole but it was too dark to see inside. Mrs. Green said she would open the front of the birdhouse so we could see inside. Oh look! There are three baby birds in the nest. Two are facing us and the third is facing the back

Easter Sunrise Service with Ducker

A Ducker’s Adventures story Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! This is where the Easter Sunrise Service was held. I like this place.   . Ducker at the Easter Sunrise Service   . We all sang "He Lives." I like that song and sang along softly. Mrs. Green says we should always make a joyful noise. I like that. The lady playing the piano keyboard is 97 years old! Everyone is amazed with what she can still do at her age.   . This