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I recently attended my first writing conference for Christian children’s writers and was disappointed that this book was not available for purchase. I met many writers who are called to write and this book gives the nuts and bolts of how to write a story for the Christian market. Every chapter has quotes from the Bible to help the writer focus. The book is peppered with many stories from the author’s own life as she gently guides us to write an entertaining story for children showing the Christian worldview. We like to teach lessons, but Ms. Muldoon teaches us how to engage children with a story instead, so that they are not preached at, but come to the correct conclusions by themselves. I am just diving into the world of Christian writing (most of my published work is in the secular/science market) and Sowing Seeds is a great companion for the journey. I highly recommend it to any aspiring or published author.

(Note: Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC has re-published this book since this review was written.)

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Vijaya Bodach – Sowing Seeds

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