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One thing I am always on the lookout for are good Bible based books. Unfortunately, many teach a completely historically inaccurate Caucasian only version of the Bible, and take every opportunity to slant the book with a particular doctrinal bias. The scriptures are beautiful stories that need to be told, and it is said how little it is done well.

So I was very excited when author Janice Green sent me this book for my review. The illustrations are vibrant quilt squares and show the newly created world in beautiful colors. Each page represents one day of the week and also includes a question for discussing the story with your children.

This book was lovely, but I approached the end with a little apprehension. Would this book (as many Christian creation stories do) leave out the seventh day from the creation story? Thankfully, no! The book stayed true to the scriptural account throughout.

Such a refreshing read, and a book that I could enjoy with my children without having to edit as we went along. It does use the title of “God,” but as this is accurate to the word used in the original Hebrew in these particular chapters of the Torah this was not a problem for me at all.

If you want to purchase a copy of the book, or see Janice’s creation quilts and other fun items, you can find them on her website, Honeycomb Adventures. It is a book you will enjoy in your family library for years to come.

Originally posted to Rivka Kawano’s blog,  “Living Messianic“:

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Rivka Kawano – The Creation

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