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Everything I would have asked if we were sitting together
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If I had an afternoon (or more) to sit down and talk with Ms. Muldoon about writing for the Christian children’s market, I would ask scores of questions. Thanks to this book, however, I don’t have to purchase an airline ticket and make that happen! Everything I could think to ask has been answered in this wonderful book.

In a style that is straight to the point, helpful, easy to understand, and eminently supportive, Ms. Muldoon covers every topic that is important when it comes to writing for the Christian children’s market. From the resources that will be helpful as you “set up shop”, to the kinds of books and articles that are appropriate at different age levels. Ms. Muldoon gives advice on drafting query or cover letters and dealing with editors, and answers that all important question: “What’s different about how you write a Christian children’s story/article vs. a regular children’s story/article.”

I can find no fault at all with anything in this book. As a matter of fact, it has made me think of a dozen ideas (literally!) for projects in types of books and articles that I had never considered before.

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Gregory Arihood – Sowing Seeds