Mary Visits Elizabeth – Luke 1:39-56

Mary Visits Elizabeth Gabriel shared the news with Mary About Elizabeth so old And of the special son she carried; Yes, two great babies were foretold. Mary rushed to see her cousin And share the angel’s words. Elizabeth’s baby leaped inside her When Mary’s voice he heard. Read this account for yourself in Luke 1:39-56 Two pregnant women with news to share that no one else in the world would understand… That’s what happened the day Mary knocked on Elizabeth’s door. Even Elizabeth’s unborn child knew the excitement

Gabriel Visits Mary – Luke 1:26-38

Gabriel Visits Mary God sent Gabriel, his top angel With words for Virgin Mary God chose her to bear his Son – The Messiah she would carry. Mary was engaged to Joseph. She didn’t understand How she could have God’s baby child, Still she trusted in God’s plan. Read this account for yourself in Luke 1:26-38. Wow! What a message for a young teen to receive. The Bible doesn’t give us all of the details, but it is generally believed that Mary was likely in her early teens

Zachariah & Gabriel – Luke 1:5-25

Baby John (the Baptist) An angel said to Zachariah Your wife will have a son He’ll help the people to prepare For God’s Most Holy One. His wife Elizabeth was old Childless and forlorn. Zach didn’t believe so lost his voice ‘Til after John was born. Read this account for yourself in Luke 1:5-25 Zachariah was chosen by lot to burn incense inside the part of the temple known as the Sanctuary of the Lord when the angel Gabriel appeared to give him a message from God. Gabriel

The Advent Season

               Messiah The Israelites whispered “Messiah” In Judea for hundreds of years A king for the Jews, mighty and strong, To rid them of all their fears. Fears of the Roman soldiers Who pushed the Jews around What kind of king will Messiah be? Would he put the Romans down? Advent is a time of anticipation.The first reference to the time when Jesus would come to earth is found in Genesis 3:15 when God spoke to the serpent in the

What does Advent mean to you?

Before Jesus was born, many years before Mary and Joseph were born, the Jewish nation was looking for Messiah to come. They were looking for a king. The Jewish nation had been taken over by an opressive Roman government. They levied heavy taxes which were collected by dishonest men who padded the amount they charged to include money for themselves. Roman soldiers demanded people to stop what they were doing at any time and help carry heavy equipment. The