Merry Christmas

May your Christmas be blessed in every way. Last year I wrote a series of posts about the first Christmas on my blog, Bible Bites 4 Teens. Perhaps these short readings will help you to focus on the true meaning of Christmas today. You may click on the links below to read these posts. Messiah… anticipating Advent Gabriel visits Zachariah Gabriel visits Mary Mary visits Elizabeth Mary returns to NazarethJoseph’s dream Mary & Joseph travel

The First Christmas – for teens and older children

You are invited to follow the posts that tell the events leading up to and following the birth of Christ on my blog Bible Bites 4 Teens. The posts are spaced a few days apart to help develop the feel of advent as well as to give the message time to settle on our hearts a little at a time as we re-experience the wonder of the birth of Jesus the Christ. A few posts are already up, so you

Ways to help your family focus on Christ this Christmas

Every year we get bombarded with Seasons Greeting messages starting on November 1 if not earlier. The rush to shop for Christmas presents is upon us, with its expectations to shop for more people than our budget can handle, and to attend many Christmas parties that we struggle to fit into our tight schedules. Do you establish priorities before the season is in full swing, or simply struggle to stay on top as people make demands on your energy, finances, and time? I don’t claim

A Passel of Valentine’s Day Ideas…

How many ways can you make a valentine? We probably all know how to fold a piece of red or pink paper in half and cut out half a heart, then unfold it to get your valentine. But can you think of other ways to give valentines to your children? Here is a passel of ideas for making valentine fun. Don’t overlook the links for more information and ideas. Origami heart – click this link for