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Who do we shine for? Matthew 5:14-16

In one of my recent posts I wrote about sharing with our children that Jesus wants us to be salt and light to the world around us. Let us linger a little longer on this passage as we ask ourselves, Do people (especially our children) see Christ in me, or do they simply see a woman striving and stressing out “to do things for Jesus.” Do they see Jesus’ love flowing out of me? I can be a bit klutzy in

Salt & Light – Matthew 5:13-16

Salty potato chips, salty popcorn, and salty pretzels… Apart from the salt, what do they all have in common? Did you think of getting thirsty when you eat them? Enjoy eating a large bag of one of these salty foods, then ask your children if they are thirsty. Read Matthew 5:13-16 with them. God wants us, as Christians, to be salty so that others will thirst for God as they see our behavior. Sometimes salt is used for healing. Have you or

Wise Men Find Jesus – Matthew 2:9-12

Wise Men Find Jesus   The wise men rejoiced to see the star And followed it again Right to the place where Jesus stayed, A house in Bethlehem. They bowed down and worshiped him And opened treasure chests Of gold and frankincense and myrrh – The first Christmas gifts. Read this account for yourself in Matthew 2:9-12 When the wise men left Jerusalem to go to Bethlehem they were overjoyed to see the star reappear. This time the star led them to the very house where they found

Wise Men Follow the Star – Matthew 2:1-8

Wise men Follow the Star  Astronomers in a distant land Saw Jesus’ star so bright. They knew it was a sign from God. The Messiah was born that night. They planned their trip and followed the star To Judea and Jerusalem ‘Twas there they learned the prophets said The Christ would be born in Bethlehem Read this account for yourself in Matthew 2:1-8 Christmas was more than a week ago. Why am I posting about the wise men now? Because the wise men didn’t come to the manger

Shepherds See Jesus – Luke 2:15-20

Shepherds See Jesus The shepherds hurried on their way This child they wanted to see. Where was this stall in Bethlehem, A manger with baby? They found him wrapped in swaddling cloths Just like the angel said. They gazed in awe at the little child And then the news they spread. Read this account for yourself in Luke 2:15-20 The shepherds wasted no time in seeking the newborn king. The angels gave them a sign, “you will find the babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a