Creation or Evolution – What IS the big deal?

The Creation coloring pages by Nancy Gordon
The Creation coloring pages by Nancy Gordon

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This is the first sentence of the first book in the Bible. It is the most important sentence in the whole creation account – God created everything, the world didn’t create itself.

Why is it important for people to recognize God as Creator? Because without God, life has little value. We become accidents with no purpose. The life of an endangered snail becomes more important than human fetuses. And masses of humanity become expendable in death prison camps.

Our children need to know that they were created by God, and that their lives have purpose and value. They need to be able to recognize God’s loving hand, even in the bumps in the road, so that disappointments that seem like life crises don’t tempt them to try suicide.

The politically correct intelligentsia of today wants to dominate our children’s thought processes. Bill Nye, the Science Guy came out with a video a few years ago that villainized parents and teachers who taught them creationism. “Creationism is not appropriate for children,” said Nye. It was OK to believe it yourselves, “but don’t make your kids do it. Because we need them.” He seems to think that if our children don’t accept evolution they won’t be innovative, which is total nonsense. Since when has the belief that God created the heavens and earth – since when has that belief become the litmus test of innovation?

If we don’t get a handle on this; however, scientists like Nye, with the help of the liberal media, are bent on controlling the minds of our children in this and every other way.

Christians need to read the creation account carefully and not try to put things in it that aren’t really there. It was initially written to people who had no idea about much information that is common knowledge today, so it was written in a language they would understand. But the bottom line is God created everything, he had a plan, and he is still in control today.

  • What is a “day.” If we get bent out of shape over 24 hours we hurt ourselves. After all, there wasn’t a sun or moon to orbit the earth until the fourth “day.” I see more sequence in the days than the technical terms to describe 24 hours.
  • Light before the sun? Who says the sun originated light in the first place? There are billions of stars out there and most are bigger than the sun. God created light on the first day, not the sun.
  • God rested on the seventh day. He didn’t take a permanent vacation… Numbers don’t stop with seven, and God’s days didn’t either. Perhaps he has continued to refine his creation – but not by waiting for accidents, I’m sure.

This short blog post can’t begin to say all I would share about the reasonableness of the creation account. God created a world that is ablaze with beauty – accidents don’t create, and their outcomes are not exactly beautiful. Evolution of living species requires both male and female accidents happening simultaneously – yet they take millions of years to accidentally happen??? Has anyone studied probabilities lately?

What are we doing to help our children and grandchildren understand their need to know and trust the one true loving God who created them in His image?

by Janice D. Green, author of The Creation and The First Christmas

Click here for ideas to create your own VBS or Bible study on the creation.

The Creation by Janice D. Green

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Janice D. Green retired as an elementary librarian to write books. She is author, illustrator, and publisher of The Creation, and The First Christmas, Bible storybooks for children. The colorful illustrations in The Creation are hand appliqued fabric pictures that have been put together to make a Bible quilt. The First Christmas, is illustrated by Violet Vandor. Janice's passion is to write about the Bible in a way that encourages people to want to know more and to read it for themselves.

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